Why is Vista so Slow?

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Why is Vista so Slow?

Today, the world is ruled by computers. In almost everything we do, we turn to our computers. We do it either by personal computer or laptop. The most popular processor is the Windows processor. A part of it is the Windows Vista, but it is a common problem that this processor is working so slowly. What is the reason for this?

Vista working so slow is because of the Microsoft Company taking its stall on past success and bundling strategy. Back in 1998, Microsoft was facing a landmark antitrust suit from the government. The government did not do that to enforce law, but it was to give others the chance to innovate, especially in terms of the computer market. The people in authority were concerned that Microsoft was trying to control the market. They strategize on bundling up more and more features on the Windows desktop. It was their way dry up other competition. The efforts to get ahead, made them pay the price.

After eight years of losing and settling the suit, Microsoft was left running after the chance to make up for the lose. They were on the chase for a new product, on which they came up with Windows Vista. It is a long overdue wait after Windows XP which has been on users’ software for five years already. All these time while they were on dilemma, their biggest rival Apple has already manufactured four versions of operating systems. There was so much pressure in the making of Vista. It is supposed to be better than the XP. Vista had to take the bundled up features which is not compatible to the system.

Windows is in majority of computer users. They were expected to put the same features as there were in the old ones, but the compatibility did not work. Vista is the end result of the company’s mistakes.

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