Why is Vuze slow?

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Why is Vuze slow?

Vuze or Azureus is a torrent from the client side which can transfer files through bit torrent protocol. Vuze is prepared using Java and makes use of Azureus Engine. Vuze not only helps in downloading the data but also share, view, publish and share DVD and HD quality video ware. The video content is shown through various channels, like TV shows, music videos, movies, video games and so on.

To see that the speed of the torrent is reasonable, it is necessary for you to set the ports properly. It is also important to set the upload speed for your system as high as the seeder will not give you maximum speed for uploading the file. The torrents are said to be working faster when the seeders to peers ratio was higher and it holds even good for Vuze. As there might be problems from the internet service providers regarding the connection, it is better to turn on the encryption. It is also suggested to opt for using a port which is used by a famous program which was not utilized by you. This has to be done as the service provider will not block the connection, if your port is of the popular program.

Sometimes the use of routers cannot work better for torrenting as they were known to possess small NAT table. If the connections per torrent are more than the default number 50, then the speed of the file download also increases. The usage ISP name servers will keep the downloading very slow while open DNS name servers can provide you good connection speed as well as downloading speed. The speed of Vuze also depends on the website from which you are downloading the file. Private Websites aid in fast, safe and reliable downloading than the public sites. If the number of seeders are more, then the downloads will also be rapid.

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