Why is waking up a sleepwalker dangerous

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Why is waking up a sleepwalker dangerous

Sleepwalking is a harmless sleeping disorder that is also known under the name of somnambulism”. Aside from actual walking, sleepwalking activities vary which can be as mild as talking or sitting up in bed, opening a cabinet and urinating in it. It can also be substantially risky like roaming around the room or house, do a few cleaning, and can be considered dangerous that includes driving (evident among teenagers), cooking, or some violent behaviors.

Nonetheless, sleepwalkers are more likely to forget the things that they have been doing in their sleep because they are primarily unconscious. Some even have their eyes open while sleepwalking but their expressions are usually spaced out.

Waking a sleepwalker in general is not dangerous depending on the activity he/she is doing. However, it may cause confusion, panic and fear to the person when awaken, so it is much better to stay calm and instead gently guide the sleepwalker back to the safety of their bed before they harm themselves by falling or walking out of the house. And since sleepwalking is common among children, it will do well if parents will take preventive measures to keep their sleepwalking kid safe.

Suggested precautionary measures for families with sleepwalkers includes locking of all the doors and windows inside the room and the house, installing safety gates at the top of stairways or outside the child’s room, maintaining the area clean and clutter free, removing dangerous and fragile objects away from the room, as well as storing car keys in safety. And to avoid falling, children should not be allowed to sleep in bunk beds.

Sleepwalking behavior can be outgrown by children until they reach teenage years so there is no need for treatment. However there are others who failed to do so. If that is the case and if parents are bothered by the ongoing incident of sleepwalking together the activities involved in it, it is much better to seek an expert’s advice.

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