Why is wasting water bad?

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The issue of wasting water could be compared with the phrase from the famous poem, ‘The Rime of Ancient Mariner’ ‘‘Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”. The phrase was quoted from a situation when a cursed ship was stuck in the sea, where the people had no food and water for days. Despite the fact that they were surrounded with water, they didn’t have a single drop to drink. No matter what the situation is, this phrase highlights the importance of water in one’s life; with the issue that this resource is scarce and limited i.e. it won’t last long, if not used effectively.

Water is our necessity to live, and to take that blessings for granted can lead us to our own doom. We already know that the Earth contains about 3 percent of fresh water which is drinkable and usable. We use it for agriculture, industry, daily household chores and so on. And we do all this with that 3% only, knowing the fact that the whole population of the Earth depends on this amount. Moreover, wasting water had led to many effects like higher water bill, global warming, climate change, farming and so on.

Knowing all this, yet you shower for hours, you keep the taps open while you shave or do the dishes, you use excessive water to wash your car, you throw away the water you don’t want to drink! Wasting water is not a good thing to do as very soon you will not have any of these luxuries: very soon there will be no water left and you will be dying out of thirst, yearning for just a drop. In other words, you will have nothing but the same situation like the Rime of Ancient Mariner: there would be water everywhere but not a single drop to drink. It is time that you learn that water is meant to ‘use’, not ‘misuse’.

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