Why Is Water Day Celebrated?

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Why Is Water Day Celebrated?

Water is life. Could you imagine yourself stranded on the desert with the scorching heat of the sun? With water so scarce and not to mention the endless sea of sand that surrounds you like forever.

Water comprises about 65-90% in the human cells in our body. Our earth as well is made up most of water than land. Amazing how water has played a major role in any living specie’s survival.

With how water plays an essential role to life, in 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, on its general assembly designated March 22 as the World Water Day. It kicked off in the year 1993. Each year since then, this day has been a way to lobby for issues relating to freshwater.

Why is this day celebrated? Looking back for the past year’s theme on caring for water resources should be done by everyone. In 1995 the theme on women and water was the focus, activities geared towards water pollution and environmental degradation awareness. The next year focused on cities which have growing problems on water crisis as it is affected by urbanization and economic development. In the succeeding years, the World Water Day emphasized on water relating to culture, coping with scarcity, sanitation and Tran boundary.

For the year 2010, it envisioned to reach a lot of people and create awareness on the importance of quality water for a sustained ecosystem through addressing the growing challenges of water and its management. It is also with this cause to call upon the government, communities, organizations and people from various sectors to actively participate in the efforts for quality water like cleaning up, restorative activities and anti-pollution campaigns. World Water Day is a continuous call for all of us to be counted and be involved even in the simplest way to bring awareness and action for preservation of life.

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