Why is Weed illegal and Alcohol legal?


Why is Weed illegal and Alcohol legal?

Marijuana weed and alcohol do not show same effects on the body. Alcohol when taken in large quantities might cause brain damage and will further lead to death due to poisoning. But, extensive lung damage due to marijuana usage was not reported till now unlike in the case of tobacco use. Moderate alcohol consumption was suggested to be good for health than being away totally from alcohol or addicted to alcohol. Marijuana can be grown by everyone and hence it would not exist in the market as commodity if it is legalized. So, marijuana was made illegal. It is really absurd to see that marijuana is illegal and alcohol is legal when both of them can cause harm to the human body.

Marijuana was made illegal due to few reasons. Marijuana was understood to be more addictive while alcohol is still more addictive. Due to its addictive nature, marijuana is made illegal. Marijuana also does not seem to have any use in medicine. The medical use of this drug is not accepted by the government. The link of marijuana with narcotics was not considered. Narcotic drugs according to the federal act were opium derivatives like heroin and morphine. Marijuana was classified under abnormal recreational drugs and is called as gateway drug”. This weed was thought to be used by criminals in the society and hence was considered to be associated with lifestyles that are unfashionable. This drug was possessed by oppressed ethnic groups. Marijuana though was not that bad drug to be causing many hazards more than alcohol or heroin or cocaine, its ban has made the public to avoid it completely. Anything that is banned for short period will not completely disappear from the market. If it is banned for longer period then even long before the substance is taken away or removed from the literature or books, it will be totally avoided by the public.

Advocates who are really fighting for legalization of marijuana are not given prominence for their arguments. They say that marijuana is not a dangerous drug than alcohol. But, still the law is enforcing imprisonment for those who are consuming marijuana. This is probably due to some industries which may include alcohol industry too which are de-popularizing marijuana.

Author: Hari M

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  1. Abby

    August 11, 2011 9:29 pm

    My doctor and I disagree with your conclusion that there is no medical purpose for Marijuana, where in fact both the governemnt of Canada and the United States both recognize it can be used to help several diseases such ad Cancer, Aids, and my diease – Crohn’s. To something so common as Chronic Pain. Some doctors do not agree – not because they think it doesn’t have any medicinal properties, but actually becuase they believe a patient can “mask” her disease with it, or perhaps grow to be depandant **not addicted** to the drug which immediately makes their pain almost completely bareable.

    Marijuana has not been foudn to be addictive at all, in the drug-induced addiction you are comparing it to. Tobbacco and alcohol has much worse withdrawl from actual physical withdrawl symptoms becuase they are not getting the drug the body need… whereas marijuana cannot be physically addictive, though may become dependant on the drug.

    Possibly as dependant as you are for the TV.

    Coffee has worst withdrawl symptoms!

    Marijuana can be grown by everybody…but you know so can corn and tomatoes and beans and apples and most other plant based foods on the planet. People are lazy, everyone can grow it now, and we still pay ridiculous amounts to the government by allowing us to have it medicinally.

    This article is completely based on rumours and prejudices.

    The worst thing is there are several bad side effects of marijuana. Hoewver these are often overlooked due to ignorant speculation of what pot might be!!

  2. the truth

    September 30, 2016 3:35 am

    marijuana is not killing people like alcohol and is not addictive like alcohol people who smoke weed don’t detox and hallucinate like people that detox from alcohol which someone would be more prone to rob and kill you for a drink due to their temporary insanity while not having alcohol alcohol will literally eat your brain where as the appearing dead minded pothead is in fact more coherent than a drinker, you can shake the effects of marijuana off. you cant shake off and sometimes cant sleep off alcohol and a lot of people addicted to alcohol cant function without it and could die without it and die detoxing from it they go through insanity spells hallucinating shakes and again most die while detoxing from alcohol abuse which a lot do abuse or are addicted enough to have a full blown everyday habit which is much more harder to do without their alcohol than someone without marijuana an average drinker will spend 500 a month on alcohol average marijuana smoker will spend as a typical just user 100 a month and these are just the average working class people the working class that drinks has a huge chunk of their money every month going into just alcohol and I would say that’s the truth for about atleast 40% of all who drinks beer


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