Why is Windows so popular?

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Why Windows is so popular?

In earlier days, MS-DOS was used as default operating system for IBM-PCs. The personal computers made by IBM were provided with de facto MS-DOS both for business as well as home use. Later, IBM has taken steps to leave the business related to personal computers. They were involved much in manufacturing and operating IBM-compatible PCs. The IBM compatible PCs became standard in the market. IBM in business and home PC used to have their software to run for long time and they wanted to have one new OS. Hence, they thought that investment on MS Windows would be a good decision. The manufacturers of PC from then onwards started to pre-install the newer version of MS Windows in every PC that was sold. This tradition is followed even today.

The latest version called windows vista was sold at low percentage (39%) compared to all PCs that were sold. Another major version of MS Windows called Windows XP was installed in the PCs and sold at about 89% of all the PCs that were sold. Windows was the most preferable operating system and the choice operating system used for the personal computers in 80s. Windows has provided an accessory benefit for marketing on behalf of Microsoft. Microsoft could also gain popularity in the case of creating office tools and mingling it with Windows which enhanced the popularity of the Windows.

The popularity of Windows was done by Microsoft not only at the end-user point of view, but also in the side of developer. The developers were stimulated to write software programs compatible with Windows than other operating systems. Popularity also was achieved by the vendors of hardware who installed windows in the PCs before they were sold. The aggressive marketing and the strategies of Microsoft played an important role in making this operating system so popular. Windows is so popular due to its easy way of handling the operating system and it is user friendly. Creating the folders or deleting them can be done very effectively in windows even by a person who is new to the OS. It does not have to be dealt through command prompt and every activity can be done through mouse interface. Hence, Windows is very popular.

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