Why is Wine good for you?

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Why is Wine good for you?

Wine is made from the fermentation of grapes. Although categorized as an alcoholic drink, it contains non-alcoholic elements such as phytochemicals which is proven to greatly contribute in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Coined from the word winam of the Proto-germanic language, the invention of wine has evidently made a change in the aspects of food, beverages, culture and even religion. With a wide range of variety, the collection and storage of wine remains to be important factors for a wine to have an exemplary taste. Wine experts see to it that the wine is as vintage and as genuine as those produce during the olden times. Today, a lot of countries are producing different kinds of wine but Italy has proven to be the highest wine producing country among others.

In the medical arena, wine was proven to have positive effects on one’s health. Experts claim that with moderate consumption of this alcoholic beverage, it can do wonders to the body. With no more than two drinks per day for men and not more than a single drink for women, wine has shown to beneficial. Drinking wine is said to be feeding the brain. It has the ability to preserve one’s memory. Along with its effect on the brain, it is said to lower the cholesterol levels of the body by unclogging the arteries and thus, reduces the risk of heart diseases. Adding to that, daily intake of wine in recommended amount is said to lower one’s body mass and helps in controlling one’s weight. Wine has also been found to boosts the body’s defenses because of the phytochemicals it contains. Studies have proven that wine makes bones stronger and prevents blood sugar trouble.

Wine is indeed healthy when taken in moderation.

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