Why is witchcraft bad?

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Why is witchcraft bad?

Witchcraft is a part of religion which involves several ‘sacred verses’ or ‘mantras’. In Hindu religion, the study of tantric mantras is available in one of the Vedas. Those were meant for performing positive activities like impressing God through certain events and so on. The study of ‘Tantra’ and its use can be applied for both good and bad purposes. The Almighty will never tell the mankind to perform prayers for bad purpose. He gave us several ways and means through ‘Vedas’ as per Hindu religion, to perform good activity to reach him. Anyone comfortable in one way can follow that and any other interested in another way can choose that. But all the paths, that were shown in ‘Vedas’ were believed to be good for us. Tantric studies that were mentioned in ‘Vedas’ or witchcraft that is done as per any other religion can be used for good or bad purpose. It depends on the person who is utilizing this facility, whether to follow the right or wrong path.

Whether it is in Christianity or Hinduism or Islam or any other religion, witchcraft done for bad purpose is always bad. Witchcraft can be used to talk with evil spirits and demons. The event of black magic is also available in this study of witchcraft. Black magic is a dangerous procedure using which the person who is going to be the victim of it might die or suffer vigorously. In terms of intense human suffering and bringing the enemy heavy losses in money, status and happiness, witchcraft can be considered as really bad. Actually, witchcraft can be used as a means to perform effective prayers to God. Unfortunately, this art as we see in the movies and hear about it in public is used by many people all over the world in fulfilling their grudges with the enemies.

Whatever it may be, if witchcraft is used for good purpose it will result in good for the witch. If the witch is interested in doing bad to someone, the sacred ‘Tantra’ given by God will destroy him or her eventually. This is law of ‘Karma’.

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  1. Red

    April 24, 2021 4:41 pm

    Witchcraft seems fun and really pretty cool. But the BIBLE says NOTHING good about it. And regardless of who you are, you are inextricably bound and chained to the curse of Adam & Eve
    ( that is the curse of life, sin and death ). And one day, all too soon, you will find out the TRUTH of your sketchy spiritual practices. Because someday soon, that heart within your chest will invariably stop beating!!! Your spirit will be released. ( our world’s cemeteries contain many trillions of bodies, including the bodies of countless witches, sorcerers and alchemists, who all thought they could “beat” death ). But if the Bible is correct, you are NOT going to find yourself in a brand new baby body ( reincarnation ), you will NOT linger as a destitute spirit ( or “ghost” ), nor will you go to some magic palace in the mythical wiccan kingdom of Shambalah. Instead, you will learn the truth when you lift your eyes and find yourself in fiery torment where you will be held until Judgement, or you will find yourself in Paradise with Jesus, who will be all too HAPPY to show you what your were REALLY accomplishing during your “witchcraft practicing years!!!” Either way, reality is one tough nasty maiden with a sharp temper you wouldn’t BELIEVE!!! That maiden’s name is Lady Liberty, who carries the scales, who only wears the blindfold of “sinful indifferent ignorance” when she is stumbling around down here in the court-rooms of this earth!!! Reality will HURT for many people. When we are born into this world, we are only under the influence of God. We know all truth and are subconsciously attuned to the mind of God. But all too soon, thanks to the “mystery of iniquity” and general sin, we fall under the influence of many “other” spiritual and cultural things. Things that dilute our thinking and sever the anchors that keep us in the safe harbor of not only God’s grace but our own SANITY!!! Liberalism is a BEAUTIFUL example of this!!! They even call themselves “woke!!!” This is not in ANY way to be confused with “awakened!!!” Those who are “woke” are awakened in a very <backward< sort of way. I am thoroughly convinced that to become "woke", a person has to get so indoctrinated by the occult, the media and Hollyweird pop-culture, that the individual reaches that tragic point where he or she is so far gone that there is almost NO hope left for him or her to ever be able to "snap out of it." A very strong spell cast by an exceedingly strong delusion!!! Aren't those who practice the "forbidden arts" under that same strong "dis-illusionment???" Sorry, but for many people, reality may be extremely painful. I'm sorry, but, …


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