Why is World History important?


Why is World History important?

Our history makes up what we have now in the present. We owe the things we enjoy today from our ancestors and their culture. World history is very important because it lets go back to the past and appreciate the traditions and way of living of our forefathers. Studying world history will give us better understanding how things came to being.

In the classroom, world history is one important subject being taught because it talks about different records of the world, how the countries have survived, how each nation differ from customs and culture, how the people discovered important facts.

World history also teaches us what better strategies should be done to avoid past mistakes. It helps us analyze difficult situations to come up with possible solutions. World history records the past and everything is factual. This means that we are creating a very rich literature because of history.

World history makes us develop a sense of pride to our own past. We become different from one another because of the ancient culture. We learn to respect other’s past because of the idea that each individual is unique. We may have different views and perceptions but through world history we try to accept the differences of one another.

World history also teaches us how civilization had developed and progress. Our society is being taught of the skills needed for improvement. Because of world history, we learn to value the fascinating events that had happened in the past. We recognized our roots and we give honor from where we came from.

World history must not be ignored. All of us interrelated because of history. Our environment, the past, present, and future are linked because of the past. In depth study of history will aid us in realizing who we really are and we become aware of the things that surround us.

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  1. James Farris

    February 9, 2015 12:05 am

    After reading the thoughts of the above essay I totally agree with his assessment of world history. I feel that if our culture placed more value on history, that we as a culture will not make mistakes in the future.

  2. Luke Smith

    October 10, 2023 7:36 pm

    It’s nice that you talked about how studying world history will give us a better understanding of how things came to be. I recently got very interested in world history and I’ve learned quite a lot. Thankfully, learning is quite easy now because of some resources and services, like world history presentations for example.


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