Why is Written Communication important?

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Why is Written Communication important?

Generally people say that verbal or non-verbal communication is important as one cannot take back once he says something. It is also similar in the case of writing as one cannot take back what they wrote. Written communication involves interaction that uses written word. Written communication is very important in businesses. It is significant for business people and managers to improve written communication skills. The other different forms of written communication which were utilized for business activities involve memos, reports, bulletins, employee manuals, E-mails and job descriptions. Other written communication locations which are used by the purchasers, vendors and any other member of business society include internet websites, E-mail, letters, telegrams, proposals, faxes, post cards, contracts, news releases and brochures.

Though the computer s and new technologies have been used, the necessity of writing skills is very much important in the business world. The fundamental communication regarding the business will arise when a person observes a new fact. If he wants to send this information to someone else and distribute this important information, then it is necessary for him to explain about this very clearly to the other person. The person who receives the information will either try to implement or send a feedback to the sender saying that the given message is appropriate.

According to Herta A. Murphy and Herbert W. Hildebrandt good written communication must be precise, brief, correct, complete, vivid, and courteous. The written communication will certainly make clear messages that comprises of several questions like who, what, when, and where. The written document must be relevant and should not possess unnecessary words. It should concentrate on the interests of the person who is destined to receive the written message. The communication with relevant facts, figures and active verbs will make it more effective. The usage of conversational tone will be convenient and easy to understand. Written communication can include illustrations, examples and visual aids whenever necessary. The communication in written form can be made effective by being tactful with good language. The information given in the written document will be effective if it has accurate and non-discriminatory information.

The written communication which has inaccurate and unclear information will not be of any use to the business purpose except waste of valuable time. Hence, written communication is important.

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