Why is Yellowstone National Park important?

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Yellowstone National Park is a national park in the US.  It spans to almost 3,500 square miles with most of it located in the state of Wisconsin.  Some parts of Yellowstone National Park also reach the states of Idaho and Montana.  As a national park, Yellowstone is considered important in the US since it gained its “national park” status back in 1872.  Yellowstone is considered the first national park in the world and there are various reasons that indicate its importance not only to the US but to the rest of the world as well.  The park is home to various mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes which support various life systems nearby.  Yellowstone is also home to the so-called Yellowstone Caldera, the largest super volcano in North America.  With its huge size, about half of the entire globe’s geothermal-related features can be found in Yellowstone.

In terms of the environment, Yellowstone also lends it importance in the sense that it is currently the largest among the remaining ecosystems in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.  It is home to hundreds of animal species including several birds, fishes, reptiles and mammals.  On a preservation point of view, Yellowstone is very important in terms of serving as the home of many animals that are either classified as endangered or threatened.  Plant life in Yellowstone also present various varieties spread along the vast forest land and mountainous regions.

Yellowstone National Park also serves great important to US history because it was chosen as the home of many indigenous Americans for the past 11,000 years or so.  In recent times, the park itself is home to various museums and heritage centers which showcase important features of the park in the form of books, research papers, archeology finds, and a herbarium among many other features.  The museum and heritage parks are located near the entrance of the Yellowstone National Park.

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