Why is yoga good for you?

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Why is yoga good for you?

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise which existed as early as 3000 B.C. It is an exercise that simulates both the body and spirit. Yoga, which originally comes from India where Hinduism is practiced, serves to be a path for spiritual growth and sustenance. Above all, many practitioners believe that yoga is a means of sacrifice towards being one with the Creator.

As the number if people practicing yoga increases, it is essential to know how this intricate form of exercise helps build and maintain a healthy body both physically and spiritually. Many can attest how yoga has improved their life and how it has greatly affected their physical and mental well being. In the physical aspect, yoga is highly effective in increasing one’s flexibility because of the different body positions that effect on the different joints. Also, yoga is an activity that stimulates all organs of the body to properly functions. It acts as a soothing massage that includes organs which may be difficult to stimulate externally. This also tones the muscles to get rid of the fats and flab. Aside from that, yoga cleans and detoxifies toxins in the body which can cause ill effects if not eliminated.

Indeed, Yoga is the best way to delay aging, be full of energy and be vibrant. Along with physical growth, the spirit works its way to becoming full and intact as well. The interplay of the mind, body and spirit as yoga is practiced makes the individual gain the three-fold element. That is, the advantage of fitness, freedom from stress and happiness. Yoga, therefore, is not just an exercise to be done regularly, it’s not just an alternative to making oneself healthy and fit but it’s a way of life.

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