Why Is Zeus Important?

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Why Is Zeus Important?

Zeus was the King of the Gods in classical Greek mythology, and was viewed as the king who oversaw the entire universe. He was the brother of Poseidon and Hades, lords of the Sea and the Underworld, respectively. He was much more powerful than them, however, and was known as the ‘Father of the Gods and men,, actually fathering many of them through his various sexual exploits with the various goddesses. He assigned all the positions to the various gods, such as Aphrodite as the goddess of love, and Apollo, the lord of the sun (he was actually thought of as their father, through different mothers). he was representative of the head of the household and of the king.

He was so important to the Greek muthology because he was the head of the Greek pantheon ‘š he represented the most powerful of all the gods, and thus he was the most important. His counterparts in other religions had similar importance and power; Jupiter, in the Roman mythology, Tinia, from the Etruscan mythologies, and he is even often likened to Indra, who was Hindu, but also used lightning bolts as his weapon of choice.

Zeus was attributed to many of the phenomena that were extremely important to the Greeks. Of course he fathered many of the gods and goddesses. He was the patron of the King, naturally, and also the patron of hospitality and guests, ready to avenge any wrongdoings done to a stranger, as all guests were supposed to be treated with royal graciousness. He was the keeper of truths and also of the agora, or marketplace, to keep businessmen honest.

Overall he was one of the most important people in Classical Greek mythology, as both a god and a figure to really represent the culture of classical Greek civilization

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