Why is Zimbabwe Poor?

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Why is Zimbabwe Poor?

The story of the plight and misfortune of the beautiful country, Zimbabwe, is one that consists of many years of poverty and war. Probably the most unfortunate thing about what we see in Zimbabwe today is the fact that it all could have been avoided a few decades ago if they would have just decided not to turn to violence and greed and not to let their racist minds get the better of them. Zimbabwe was once one of the most flourishing farm areas in the entire world and they were not even close to thinking that they could eventually become poor or live in squalor. Now, with the good times as a distant memory, they have to sleep in this terrible bed that they made long ago.

Zimbabwe’s economy was actually booming not too long ago. The country was primarily run by hereditary white farmers and business men who were doing a wonderful job of growing the products and exporting them for a great amount of money. Zimbabwe was a place that people actually wanted to visit and used regularly for their trading means. Then, unfortunately, the Mugube, which is one of the most ruthless and hardened criminal organizations in the entire world, started killing off the farmers and trying to take over the business themselves. This was driven by their hatred of the white man and has lead them to the poverty stricken hell hole that we see today.

It really is a shame that all of this did not have to happen to a once proud and fruitful country. Now all we ever hear about and see in terms of this country is the fact that women and children are starving to death each and every day and the war over there has no end in sight. It is so bad right now that even the United States sees it as a lost cause. That really cannot be a good thing and I hope and pray with all of my heart that these people get it together some day soon.

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  1. sphumelele

    June 20, 2014 4:46 pm

    I pray that the Lord may help people of zimbabwe…people of Zimbabwe trust in the Lord the Lord wll see what you need …because God is faithful evryday


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