Why is zoning important?

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Why is zoning important?

Zoning is similar to the town planning map which indicates that an activity has to take place at a particular location. Here the zoning of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is taken as an example to explain the importance of zoning. There are various different types of zones available in the complete Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Some of the zones are general use, Conservation Park, habitat protection, and marine national park. The remaining zones present are scientific research, preservation and buffer zones. Zoning is a way of protecting and managing the Marine park values which can be utilized by the users. Zoning explains the various activities carried out in the different areas of the marine environment and to deviate and individualize the conflicting activities. The revised zoning of the marine park was started in July , 2004 as a part of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park regional programme.

The zoning of this park was done primarily in 2004 which have made the 344000 km2 land a better and secured location. The zoning scheme has also helped to improve the social and economic advantages obtained from tourism and recreational aspects of the Reef, other commercial activities and fishing too. Zoning was carried out due to intensive research and due to wide range of community consultation programme run as part of Australian environmental issue.

Zoning was so useful that many plants, marine animals and habitats which are unique to Great Barrier Reef do live uninterruptedly. The threatened animals like dugong and turtles are also protected. The Marine Park could be healthy and continue to provide resources to the industries that depend on it. These industries would give social and economic assistance to the communities that live on them as well as expand the economy. Zoning can protect the educational, recreational, cultural and scientific values of the Marine Park. The Marine Park can be comfortably utilized by the future generations without causing any harm to it.

Zoning made the marine national park zone to reduce damage to specific habitats, increases the number of species which can improve the entire food web, enhanced the fish numbers, develop the resistance of the Reef to drastic changes in climate and pollution in water. Zoning could replenish the stocks of lost fish and made the industries which depended on it to be healthy. The size of the female fish increased which increased even the egg production.

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