Why prayers go unanswered?

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Why prayers go unanswered?

A prayer is a common part of any religious practice that greatly involves the passion for seeking a intimate connection with the Heavenly Being. Prayer may be executed individually or in group. And can be held in a public or private place. There are different forms of prayer. In some religious sectors, prayer comes in a form of offering a song, performing a dance or simply verbalizing it. Others engage in a form of worship, wherein songs of praise are sung that varies from intimate to lively songs. Prayer also varies depending on the belief of the religion one belongs to. But in the common context of prayer, prayers are means of giving thanks, asking for help and worshipping the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

In the advance times of the modern era, it cannot be denied that prayers have become the technical form of asking. It is not new these days to find people praying only when they are in need of something. One should not wonder therefore, why prayers sometimes go unanswered. One major reason why prayers remain unanswered is because of lack of sincerity. The absence of willfulness and the presence of sin separate man and God, thereby keeping prayers from being answered. In addition to that, prayers go unanswered because the motives of making such prayer are not in accordance to what is already planned by the Creator. More so, the lack of faith, misunderstanding faith and wavering one’s faith prevents prayers from being answered. Faith is one important element that kindles the relationship of man to God, and in its absence no prayer is answered and no life is lived in His presence.

It is therefore important that in every day of one’s existence, praying should always comes from the heart.

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