Why Should Boxing Be Banned?

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Why Should Boxing Be Banned?

Boxing is a very popular sport that is being watched all over the world. It can also provide huge income for several people and companies especially the networks that are airing live boxing fight. If boxing will be banned, there are surely several people who will object especially men and those people that are really fond in this sports.

On the other hand, there can be several valid reasons why boxing be banned. One main reason is the risky injuries that a boxer can acquire through this sport. There are even times that too many injuries can lead to a boxer’s death.

This is one main and very valid reason why boxing should be banned. But in all fairness, boxing sports these days are more sensitive to players compared to boxing in the past centuries. There can also be several high tech and high standard medical equipments that can be present beside the boxing ring so the players can be automatically be cured if ever he acquires a major injury. But it is really hard to convince other people who believe that boxing should be banned.

It is fairly understandable though, especially that it is health condition that is on stake here. Come to think of it, there are several boxers who become disabled because o the injuries that they have acquired through boxing. Even to people who patronizes this sport as well as for the people who often watch this game can tell that boxing is such a physically risky sports. Another good reason why boxing should be banned is that it shows violence especially to young people.

Once young people idolize a boxer, the tendency is that they will strive hard to learn boxing and that they can use it in troubles that they can get into. This is clearly a great disadvantage of this sport.

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