Why Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Why Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College is more likely a community of people with different personalities and perspectives in life. A society where you will be able to learn and nurture what you have learned. This is a place where you can choose what you want to be in the future. An institution that grants you an opportunity to be a professional in what you are best at.

College students have their own way of showing people what they’ve got. Some students are into music, some are into art and some are in sports. College students who are into sports are called athletes. They have the strength, the agility and endurance that are needed in high intense sports.

They are representing the school for any sport event. They are the ones who compete and carry the school’s reputation regarding to sports. Some of them left their academic behind, which is a bad thing. Some schools tolerate those attitudes towards their players just for the name of the school to be known as the in best in sports. Some students want their pay for every game they have won and also to see the product of their hard work, and there are some who are really paid for.

According to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), many athletes are not prepared for a life after college because some of them are pursuing their sports carrier rather than their studies. They have agreed to shorten the season of the game and have a limited time for practice, which means, athletes have more time now to study than worrying about their game.

It is better for the athletes to have a scholarship instead of paying them for every game. If they are below the average grades given to them they will be out of the team automatically. This would be one reason they will concentrate on their studies as well as to their sports career. They can do both at the same time if they only wanted to succeed on which field they are good at. They have to realize that if they will not going to be a professional athlete someday of a well known team all over the world, they still have an option because they have graduated with an academic adequate.

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