Why should death penalty be legal?

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Why should death penalty be legal?

Death penalty is a capital punishment done to criminal and murderers. Some countries consider death penalty as legal but for some, it is a mortal sin. Others believe that what you have done to others should also be done to you. It would be very unfair if a man who murdered somebody who is innocent will just stay in prison and suffer the consequences. Sometimes, imprisonment is just a privilege for a convicted man to eat free food and have a bed to sleep. There are also instances that imprisonment will not last for a lifetime so there’s a chance for a convicted murdered to be free.If we try to weigh things, there are also advantages of the legalization of death penalty.

1. There will be a decrease of crime rate because people will be afraid to commit illegal actions for this may cause their precious life. We only live once in this world so why not make the best out of it. Death penalty is a big threat to all the murderers and law breakers not to commit heinous crimes. People will be warned not to commit wrong doings in the society because if they will be accused, their life is at stake.

2. If there is lesser crime rate, the environment will be a safer place stay. People will have peace of mind anymore. They can walk at night without the fear of somebody killing them. They can do their transactions confidently without the anxiety of being murdered. If death penalty is legal, our society would be a better haven to stay.

3. If death penalty is legal, people will respect life. They would not commit murder because they will also be killed in return. Instead of doing misdemeanors in the society, these murderers will be motivated to change for the better and this will give them a second chance to live.

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