Why Should Downloading Music Be Illegal?

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Why Should Downloading Music Be Illegal?

Illegal downloading of music seems to be harmless as they say. Musicians are of course, against this because the CDs on which they earn are not being sold because the people choose to download the songs on the internet illegally. On the practical side, it will be better because it’s free. But it is almost the same as stealing.

Downloading music on the internet saves the consumers in buying the wrong CDs. This is according to people who are against downloading the songs on the internet. It should be illegal since it directly affects the music industry of a country. Eventually, economy will also be affected. Even if there are legal websites on where you can download the songs from, the manufacturers and producers will miss the money that they should earn because of these websites.

A musician cannot have a neutral reaction with illegal music downloading. As well as the other businessmen and contractors all over the world, they need to earn money for themselves. Having the music you wanted by downloading it on the web is just a form of stealing of a singer, producer and manager’s copyrights and dignity. They worked hard for the album to be released hoping that it will be a hit. It is a form of piracy as well. If you download it and then burn it on a blank CD, then, you just pirated it. You have the same songs but you didn’t pay for it which is the requirement for an honest purchase. Anyway, even if you got the songs that you wanted, it will not have the same quality as the original. Guaranteed that it will not last as long as the original CD will do.

This issue of song downloads must be illegal for the betterment of the music industry and the economy. If stealing and piracy are legal crimes, then why not include downloading of songs on the internet? They all have the same stories. Then they need to end up on the same ways as well.

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