Why Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Why Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

Doctors are the people responsible for treating a person’s disease. They are the one who combat death and improve the quality of health of a person. In particular times, doctors can’t do anything if a patient has a terminal disease but to wait for death to arrive. This moment can be very painful for the patient as well as his family and relatives. Euthanasia must be legalized and practiced in times that the patient requests for it to avoid economic burden. If it is not being practiced, it will result to increased suffering of the patient and violating his rights.

The government and the doctors do not have the power to decide for a person especially in terms of living. It will always depend on the person if he still wants to live or not. It is your personal decision since other people are not on your situation. If the government gives you the liberty and power to choose your job, religion and family, then they must also understand that choosing to live or die depends on you as well. It may be also called a suicide but it will be your own problem, not theirs. Another element that affects or triggers euthanasia is economic factor. If a person doesn’t have the enough money to pay his hospital bills and he decided to perform euthanasia, then, let him. It is his personal choice to sacrifice his life rather than to pay for treatments that wouldn’t really help.

Another thing that supports euthanasia to be legalized is the fact that the doctors are allowed to create a new life. The government has given them the right to grow human’s beings on labs artificially. Then they should also give the doctors the right to end life most especially if the patient desires and requests for it. The doctors are only needed to help a patient in doing what he wants.

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