Why should Hamburger be an example of an anglicized word?

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Why should Hamburger be an example of an anglicized word?

Hamburger is the sandwich which is ground meat stuffed inside the bun. Several people all over the world might have tasted the hamburgers and liked it very much. When we talk about its history, it was originated in the mid 19th century. During the middle of 19th century, those living in Hamburg, Germany were eating and enjoying a type of beef. The type of beef that was being enjoyed by the people of the port city, Hamburg was called as Hamburg Steak. Hamburger Steak is otherwise known as beef burger. It is made as a flat cake which has ground beef mixed with pepper, salt, and herbs. All these are covered by egg and flour. The people who were found responsible for inventing this sandwich were Charles Nagreen in 1885 at Seymour, Wisconsin, Frank Menches in 1892 at Akron, Ohio, and Louis Lassen in 1900 at New Haven, Connecticut.

The name of this dish might have been migrated when several Germans migrated to North America. Probably the Germans must have brought the name of the dish also to North America along with them. The American menu started showing this dish from around 1836 onwards. But, the use of Hamburg Steak was not recorded till 1884. A slightly different dish to Hamburger Steak was found to be dealt with in the newspaper called ‘Walla Walla, in Washington. This dish had its name with the adjective ‘Hamburger, which meant ‘From Hamburg, and it was published in the year 1889 in the newspaper.

In the year 1902, the Hamburger Steak appeared in all the menus with the same taste as that of Hamburger. This recipe was made with ground beef combined with onion and pepper. By this time, the same recipe was being followed after a long time in many areas with the name ‘burger,. Later, this recipe called burger has undergone some more changes to give rise to another recipe called as cheese burger.

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