Why should I believe in God?


Why should I believe in God?

God is the creator of human and earth; the ruler of the universe. The perfect image of a man that has supernatural powers. These are some description about our God. There are different races all over the world, different religions as well as different beliefs.

Many people doubt God for He has been invisible. Most scientists don’t believe in God. They believe on what they see not just only heard by common people. People ask proof of God or just an image of God for them to believe that God really exist.

Everything you see in this world or even outside of this world is all God’s creation. All nature’s wonders are created by God. Explain how we had the sun, the moon, the stars, and water; no one will explain to us how we got those because only God knows. How did we exist? .That’s one major question we should ask to ourselves. How can we possibly control the sun and the moon? The rain fall? Or I must say controlling the nature? Can a scientist provide water that is sufficient for everyone? No human can ever do these things. There are certain unexplainable things that are happening in the earth.

God can help us on any obstacles we are passing through every day. He will never give us problems that we cannot solve; it is only tests on how we are going to handle life. Faith is the key to our problems. Pray for forgiveness, ask for help and he will do the rest. Putting God the centre of your life will help you see life in a different perspective. God is the key to every man’s success. God will going to help you succeed if you have faith in him still believing in what He can do.

Author: maureen

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  1. Leabrand

    January 11, 2011 6:05 pm

    There is no credible reason to believe in god.

    Of those who do believe in a god they have, for the most part, been unable to even come up with a mutually agreeable definition to the concept. God is loving, god is vengeful, god is the original creator, god set the universe in motion and then left it to itself to unfold, god is unknowable, god is perfect, god loves all life, god punishes those who defy him. Without even a coherent definition how could anyone decide whether or not to “believe” ?

    The sun, earth, moon and wonders of nature are ALL very explainable. If you can’t bother to read any of the current science you might try just “Googling” some of your questions. We did not happen by chance as good “christians” especially are wont to throw out there. We evolved by natural selection. If god did in fact get bored one day (24 hours ?) and decided to create a universe – especially created for human beings, his pinnacle of creation, why did he waste billions of years getting one little planet in one little galaxy ready for our appearance ? If he wanted to create human pets as an experiment to reinforce his ego why didn’t he just go “poof” and manufacture the universe as a complete and non-expanding eco-system ? Why all the chaos of space with its star nurseries and pulsars ?

    Scientists can not control the weather nor create water – but what makes you think that god can ? What does controlling the weather have to do with believing in a god anyway ? Our climate has changed dramatically over time – both warmer and cooler, dryer and wetter (depending on where on the earth you are). Why would god randomly change our climate – especially when it could wreak havoc on his pets ?
    It’s lazy and irresponsible to just shove god into all the gaps in our current knowledge …. the knowledge that is expanding all the time too – pushing “god” into increasingly smaller gaps.

    If you need an external something to create a feeling of purpose then that’s a shame – but you’re hardly alone. Most of the human race has hung onto the comfortable crutch of a god that has control of their lives and even their fate after death but it is more habit than conscious decision. If you grew up in Latin America chances are you’re a catholic, if you grew up in Saudi Arabia chances are you’re a muslim, if you grew up in Israel chances are you’re jewish – your beliefs are more closely related to the happenstances of your birth than any rational (and I use the term loosely) internal discourse.

    We don’t need god for morals, or forgiveness (for what do we need to be forgiven exactly?), or meaning in our lives. He/she/it is needed solely to abate fear – fear of the unknown, fear that we can’t control our own nature, fear of random acts of pain. A better course might be to realize that there will always be unknowns – which the investigation of can create a better substitute for religious “meaning” …. spurring us on to find answers that can REALLY benefit all of the living creatures of this one small blue planet.

    • Darrell

      March 29, 2013 3:14 am

      Why do we believe in a God?

      Humans, we have an astonishing brain. Over history of time, death has been or most fared outcome of our future. We need to convince ourselves that death will not be the end, that we will be amongst our departed families and friends when we pass on in a place that we will live for eternity and as we have always had leaders like Kings in the old days, a King will also lead us into eternal life when we die. For some reason this gives us hope, hope for what? life after death for eternity? Wow, who wouldn’t want that and the modern day Churches have taken this on as a very successful business.
      There is absolutely no proof that a God exists, it is all in mans imagination because we have difficulty living with the idea that death is final. Come on folks, don’t be hood winked by those that are screwing you on the pretence of a life after death, it ant going to happen.

      • Muslim's Infidel

        March 13, 2011 3:04 pm

        That’s because die hard religious zealots are afraid of anybody’s else’s views and/or facts. Ask ANY follower of any of the 3 main religions if they can prove that god exists. They can’t. They have faith that he/she does and/or they can “feel” it. The latter gives me a good chuckle.

        • royce

          June 21, 2011 6:14 am

          Good rationalised thought. I appreciate it.
          As you mention there is no reason to believe in God like wise there is no crediable reason not to believe in God.
          Science is a language and is only trying to explain nature through the language. Science has not created anything out of nothing. It is only trying to explain what is already there. Can we see Xrays with our naked eyes? Can we hear ultrasound with our ears? We discovered it by accident and we have named it and use them. Till that time what about our belief – Can we say that x rays didn’t exist at all. If some one had told us about Xrays and what all it can do? we won’t have believed it.

          You have so well articulated your thoughts. Have you ever wondered how human beings can communicate in so many language and how can a child of 3 communicate so well.
          Each and every object in this world seems perfectly made with a purpose. If we see from that eye then we will able to see.
          But outrightly saying there is no God and everything with out a purpose doesn’t make sense.


          • Leabrand

            June 21, 2011 7:15 pm

            I didn’t say there there’s no god, I said there’s no reason to believe there is.

            I also didn’t say there is no purpose (in life), I said that I believe that purpose is created internally – even if you choose to give credit for that purpose to “god”. I just don’t get the rationale for believing that only god given purpose is valid. From my own christian education, it seems most of god’s purpose for us is to worship him. So far I haven’t seen, or experienced, any reason to worship some nebulous being just because a book told me to. If god is so mighty why would our lowly praise even matter to him ?

            Some of your other points I’m having trouble understanding – science is a language ? In what way ? Science is methodology and experimentation to establish verifiable principles. Science can sometimes explain what is already there – it can also manipulate some of those elements to create useful tools ie. X-rays, ultra-sound. Some of those elements may have been discovered “by accident” (Marie Curie & radium) but they didn’t trip over them in the yard; they were researching and experimenting with laboratory physics.

            Again I’m not sure I understand your question on language and communication. Are you questioning where language came from ?

            Not much in this world is perfectly made – the organisms that have adapted to their surroundings thrive, the ones who can not adapt die off. Those adaptations may require the organism to change/evolve (diet/color/reproductive mechanisms) which might make them appear to interact “perfectly” with their environment. What you don’t see are all the failures. Most organisms, including humans, have vestigial genes and even organs that are no longer useful (appendix, hairy bodies).

            Our only organic purpose is to reproduce – everything else is invented.

  2. nruck311

    May 1, 2011 1:07 am

    I have had depression for years now. Ive prayed for gods help countless # of times but things just keep getting worse for me. My friends don’t care about me, my parents won’t listen to me, and the opposite sex doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve wanted to believe that god could help me for years but still see no results. My life is a living hell so why should I believe it will change now?

    • liew

      October 8, 2011 9:21 pm

      I am not a Christian, nor a religious person. I still believe in God! There is only one creator of this Universe!

      God liason with our Conscience. We need to culture our Conscience further through purification of mind to meet God.

      Discipline ourselve without our desire. We will be able to see God and understand God wants us to be righteous, hardworking, loving, kind and with mersy. God has use nature to let human understand His message. Everything in this world has His reason. The Good and Bad must be there to make this universe complete.

      Remember, this is a beautiful world God created. Value it !

      Your prospective of life will be different, God created dog to bury bones to help to clean the universe and many more…… God create a perfect body for human to functions well. Be thankful to God of his mercy.

      You will smell good and live good and attract positive energy. Your life will be happy and contented.

      Good to share.

  3. Elizabeth Kirshy

    January 20, 2014 2:13 pm

    When I’m reading an argument on Christianity, I tend to think “How is that argument valid? How the hell does that make sense? Do you even know how to spell the word “perspective”, much less defend a religion?” Maybe it is mere Coincidence that atheist seem to be more intelligent. There is much more reason to not believe in God than reasons to believe. Is that undeniable? Why does it make more sense for a random guy with a beard to create a perfect galaxy than for a Big Bang to create it? At this time, we probably can’t fathom what really happened and what is really going on out there, so why try? Live your life and defend logic. Whatever

  4. Adrienne

    March 28, 2014 5:38 pm

    I like the article. For those who do not believe it is your choice, but do not say ‘I cannot understand why people believe.’ Science cannot explain everything! Even the things you accept today that have been proven as truth, were not always excepted. However, the people who did research, studies, discoveries, ect., had to FIRST believe it was possible in spite of what current data says. Thus, you ask well how do we know that God will reveal himself or even exists. When it comes to creation of this world science can only go as far as a big bang theory, but no one can explain what caused it. You say you believe in science, well science tells you there is always a cause and effect. What happens when a miracle takes place to defy the cause and effect. Who gets the credit? What caused this thing that defies nature to take place. For example, when miracles happen of people being cured from diseases (that have no cure) no one can answer what happened. Believers say ‘God’ atheists say ‘happenstance’, but the issue with a non believer is you will ALWAYS have happenstance because science cannot prove everything. Thus, there has to be a higher power. There has to be a governing authority. The world we live in has a governing authority by laws of nature. Who created these laws or what caused it. There will always be ambiguity. Even in evolution there is ambiguity because for those who understand it things evolve because they cannot exits in their current state. Thus, if we evolved from Apes, you would not see any currently living. The same way giraffes had short necks and now they have long neck (they evolved because they could not survive in its current state). In addition, no one can prove that humans are evolving, as in changing into a completely different species. Evolution is not something that stops it is a continuous process. Humans are not changing! We still have the same brain, bodily functions, and physique. Thus, I conclude by saying that to not believe is absurd just because you don’t have enough evidence. As I noted earlier, the science you believe in and accept was not always agreed upon. It all started with FAITH. That is simply what believing in God is faith until he returns.

    • Leabrand

      May 8, 2014 5:44 pm

      You are correct – science cannot explain everything, yet. Perhaps it never will – and I prefer to have scientific explanations. But I’m Ok with not knowing – I’m at a loss to understand why everything has to be explained. God of the Gaps is just a mentally lazy “comfort food” response.
      If you’re going to throw everything into the ‘higher power’ basket fine, you can even call that basket god. Just don’t ask others to worship the basket, attribute feelings and intent to the basket or criticize others’ baskets.
      The laws of nature you speak of are not attributable to a consciousness – they are simply observations of the way things have behaved in the past, the present and until proven different, the future. If an advanced alien arrived on earth with the ability to demonstrate the scientific nature of the Big Bang would you concede your higher power basket is no longer necessary ? Just trying to say that not understanding is not a sufficient excuse to abdicate reason.
      When a person regrows a limb or I see that the Rocky Mountains disappeared overnight I’ll revisit my views on miracles. I think you see miracles where none exist – feeding your basket feels good. What “miracles” have you witnessed ?
      Finally – NO ! “Things” do not evolve because they cannot exist in their present state, if they cannot exist they die. Evolution takes place when an adaptation makes a creature better suited for its environment – gives it an advantage. I still find it incredible that anyone in this day and age still uses the evolved from apes so why do apes still exist gaffe. It’s a little like saying if lions exist why are there tigers ? We had a common ancestor with apes – like lions and tigers had a common ancestor. You and your cousin have a common ancestor – it’s a non-issue, does not figure into the equation.
      Of course humans have evolved – http://humanorigins.si.edu/resources/intro-human-evolution

      And continue to evolve –

  5. Walt

    July 8, 2014 9:44 pm

    You should believe in god because of science.I think that all the incredible exactness we find in existence could not have come about by mere chance.Take all the exactness we find in atomic structure and which is absolutely essential for our existence.I am very thankful for modern science proving the exsistence of God.Modern science never bothers to explain when they are wrong they just Keep on believing their cherished fantazies.How do you explain C14 in diamonds.Two inches of meteritic dust on the moons surface instead of thirty feet.Petroleum is a fozzil fuel when it has been proved to be the result of a continuous chemical reaction under the earths surface.Do not confuse these people with the facts.

  6. John

    July 12, 2016 1:19 am

    I’m calling bull on Walt. There is no evidence by science that someone, God, ever created earth or people or the universe.


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