Why should judges be elected?

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Why should judges be elected?

A judge is a public entity that presides over a court trial. Included in the scope of a judge’s functions are hearing over a trial, resolve differences between lawyers, make decisions in court trials and study the law. Of its many varied functions, the most critical of it all is the responsibility of making a decision over the conducted trial. This remains to be a vital role for a judge in any legal proceedings. Apart from that, a judge must widely be knowledgeable of the laws promulgated in their place. Also, one must exude excellent judgment and exemplary line of patience.

However, the process of how a judge makes it to position is still an issue up to this time. Some law schools incorporate in their teaching that judges can be appointed. But they never fail to add that at certain circumstances only. Law schools have emphasized that judges are bound to be elected. Most political experts explained that judges need to elected because it allows the judicial system to be transparent to the public and this makes the judges more open to the opinion and concerns of the public rather than by just merely enforcing the law at their own confines. Election of judges is more democratic way of putting judges into office rather than by appointing them. This process makes fewer biases and prevents any backdoor businesses that may occur at court houses. Furthermore, elected judges become more accountable of their actions and decisions because it is the public who believes in their fidelity to rule the law and legally implement it.

Although there are still some states and countries that appoint judges, most people prefer the process of election to face out any issues that may greatly affect the regulation of laws.

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