Why should Kids play sports?

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Why should kids play sports?

It is learnt from the experiences of many people that kids gain much more than just being fit when they play sports. Many people have an opinion that sports will eat away time, and kids will not concentrate on their studies, but research has proven that kids who play sports do better in school than those who do not. Exercise improves memory, learning and concentration, which can give active kids an advantage in class rooms.

Children who are into sports learn more about team work. They start learning the importance of working together for a cause. Though it requires skills to maintain team spirit, children will understand the relevance of it in achieving the goal. Children also learn from sports how to set a goal in life, and how much one should struggle to reach that goal.

Children will tend to be convinced at an early age the importance of sports in keeping them healthy and disease free. Exercise prevents chronic diseases like diabetes, that might be fatal too. Children also gain self confidence when they know that they can work, improve and achieve their goals. Children develop the art of practicing through sports. This practice makes them mentally and physically strong, which in turn builds confidence and a positive attitude within them.

Sports and exercise reduces the pressures or stress in the mind, and helps children to concentrate on what they are doing. Children can develop from an early age to maintain a good mood, and its role in helping us to carry out our work effortlessly.

Above all, sports help kids to make new friends, and helps them to be more social. Kids have a lot of fun playing sports, which keeps their mind healthy. Martial arts can teach kids patience. Swimming can make their shoulders very strong from an early age, and it makes them stronger mentally. Gymnastics teaches them spatial awareness and flexibility.

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