Why should Kids stay in school?

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Why should Kids stay in school?

Education is a priceless gift we can give to our kids. If you are educated, no matter who you are, whatever your race is, you are considered superior among others.
Education among kids is important for a lot of reasons:

1. It will help them discover and explore new things. With this, they will not grow innocent and naïve. They will not be fooled by other people because they know and understand what is happening around.
2. Education is an essential factor in building self-esteem of a child. Once a kid is educated, he will learn a lot of things and he will not be left behind. He will be confident to interact with other people.
3. When kids are educated, they learn to decide for themselves. They become independent which will make them responsible citizens in the end.
4. Our kids should stay in school to let them develop academic skills and hone their talents and values. In school, children are not only taught to read, write, or count but they are also trained to be holistic individuals with good morals and right conduct.
5. Our kids need to stay in school because they will be future leaders of the country. If they are well-educated, they would contribute a lot to their nation by sharing their discoveries, ideas, and insights. By being productive and ingenious, they would be useful to the development of the country.
6. A school is considered as the kids’ second home. If they stay there, they will be guided properly. They will also have a chance to interact and socialize with other children. This would also be an advantage to career parents because they have a secure place where they can let their kids stay for a day.
7. Letting the kids stay in school would help them avoid bad influence from the streets. Cases of drug addiction, alcoholism, theft, and other illegal acts always happen in an environment where people are uneducated.

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