Why should Media be censored?

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Why should Media be censored?

Media are powerful tools in disseminating information. The effects of what we hear over the radio, what we see on TV, and what we read in newspapers and internet are tremendous that these can even affect people’s lives for the better or for worse.

Media censorship is such a controversial issue especially now that media can proliferate anywhere. Dissemination of information is so rapid that news abroad can be read within seconds. Media takes a huge role in global communication and understanding. However, media at times are beyond boundaries. They expose improper materials such as violent and pornographic scenes which are absorbed by children. Because of these, media must be censored.

With what is proliferating now through media, there is a danger that the younger generation becomes exposed to aggression and sexual behaviors. Because of these issues, media must be censored. Censorship must not only be done by government agencies but also by adults who serve as guardians of the children. Even adults also need to censor what they see on TV because, mature as they are, they can easily be disturbed by what they see and hear.

Studies show that children who have the freedom to access any information to media become destructive and traumatized. They usually apply in real life what they learn from media. There was even a news report that a little boy killed his brother by shooting him because he thought it was still movie he is watching. Another example is a little girl having sex with her playmate because she wants to try what the couple did on TV. Indeed, media are very influential. If there is no proper action in censoring what are being shown or heard on media, our children will suffer in the end. They will grow as irresponsible and delinquent citizens of the society.

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