Why should NZ police be armed?

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Why should NZ police be armed?

NZ” Police stands for New Zealand Police, the national police force of New Zealand. They are responsible for enforcing the criminal law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace.

Unlike common police officers that we find, NZ police carry no firearms at all times. They may have it in their car but a special permission is needed before they can use it. Their chief of police disagrees with carrying guns because he believes that if the police carry firearms, so will the criminals.

But during this time and age, is it really safe not to be armed?

For some it is, because we all know that not all police officers are noble. There are those who abuse their authority and are involved in cases of police brutality. So for them to not carry guns means they are more controlled and disciplined of themselves.

For others it is not, especially after what happened in Christchurch where two police officers and a police dog was shot dead. That day, they didn’t bring any guns because they weren’t expecting any trouble, they were just looking for a missing mental health patient.

Also in Christchurch, armed offenders shot 42-year old wheel-chair bound, Shayne Richard Sime in his home in Christchurch on Sunday night after firing more than a hundred rounds, wounding an AOS member and his neighbour. In Napier, gunman Jan Molenaar shot three police officers and killed one including a civilian.

These recent issues have urged the union of police officers to assemble and talk about how adequately equipped are the NZ police who are patrolling the streets. Their main goal is to decide upon whether to arm them or not. Today, NZ police are now armed with tazers.

In conclusion, considering the recent number of police fatalities, I guess it is not bad to arm the NZ police because their line of duty is not as safe as we think it is. Being a police officer is not an easy job as their lives are always on the line and I think that it is a police officer’s privilege to carry a gun at all times.

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