Why should pot be legalized?

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Why should pot be legalized?
It is a common knowledge that pot” is illegal for many reasons, and mostly because it endangers an individual’s health and sometimes linked to heinous crimes. However, there are other people who argue that pot”, most commonly known as marijuana, should be legalized since its current prohibition has not done anything to control its use, abuse, and production worldwide.For supporters, marijuana should be legalized because it has helpful uses in the field of medicine. Based on research, marijuana contains 60 chemicals which are used for the treatment and cure of sickness like migraine, asthma, severe pain, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer management and much more.

Legalizing pot” can have positive effects in the environment. The fibers in the hemp of marijuana plants are great substitute for the fibers taken in trees that are used in making cloth and paper. It also grows faster as compared to trees and needs only small amount of pesticides or nothing at all.

Another benefit of legalizing pot” is that it can be good for both the economy and society. For one, the government will not have to spend much money in jailing people for the illegal possession of marijuana. And those jails will have plenty of room for criminals who commits serious offense. The government can also get tax revenues from consumers who use marijuana, similar to consuming alcohol beverages and tobacco.

Legalizing the use of pot” can help the government to regulate its purchase. According to studies, it is easier for a minor to buy pot” as compared to acquiring cigarettes and alcohol because of underground” dealers.

There are other reasons why pot” should be legalized aside from the ones mentioned above. But it still does not measure with the number of reasons why it should NOT be legalized.  And besides, not everything that is made legal has positive effects in an individual or the society.

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