Why Should University be Free?

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‘One man’s necessity is another’s luxury, this concept is true in terms of university education. Not everybody can avail the privileges of being educated in a university. However, it is a common knowledge that in order to be competitive and employable in the market, one must be equipped with more than just skills. Knowledge is also a defining factor in order to land a job that pays more than enough, and consequently establish self confidence in an individual.

With the personal advantages of having a higher education in mind, it gives all the more reason why universities should be free. University education should be free in order to provide equal opportunity for every individual in different social classes. Since people are taxed by the government, why then not provide a free university that is available for all in order to produce a more skilled and knowledgeable individuals.

If education in a university is free, it will encourage individuals to pursue more of what they can become and give more importance to education. This is far more different from a paid university which only promotes financial problems to students at their young age. And worse, if a student can’t afford to pay for a higher education, he/she will be forced to discontinue his/her studies and settle for less.

Furthermore, the society will benefit from having a free university. Socially, it will increase the number of individuals who are highly capable and well-informed in their chosen fields thus will produce a more competent workers and individuals. This will not just help increase the production of work but also increase the number of able tax payers. In addition, individuals who are able to attain a degree in higher education may in turn be educators in the future, sharing their knowledge to others.

In the end, education is a privilege and a right of every individual, to be able to develop and complete oneself. It is for everybody and not just for those who have money to pay for it.

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