Why should vaccinations be mandatory?

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Why should vaccinations be mandatory?

Vaccines are known to be effective, popular and fruitful intervention in medicine. Vaccination will eliminate various diseases that can cause even death. A best example is small pox which was once considered as a dreadful epidemic. Small pox could destroy almost two million people in the year 1967. Ã’šÃ‚ After about a decade, this disease was completely removed from the planet by a vaccination program. This led many countries on the globe to start using vaccination for various diseases and compelled the people to avail the vaccination procedure. Along with these vaccination programs, many anti-vaccination programs were also started by the society of Anti-Vaccinationists in 1798, the Anti-Vaccination League in 1853 and so on.

Pharmaceutical companies are gaining lot of money from vaccination; countries need vaccination to restrict the outbreak of diseases, and some groups say that vaccine can be a choice while some encourage compulsory vaccination. Vaccine made as mandatory would be an intelligent judgment as prevention is better than cure. To prevent a disease to set in or to decrease its bad effects vaccine helps in this process. Vaccine is a small amount of attenuated germ of a particular disease which when injected as antigen into our body will generate antibodies to the organism. So, when the virus particle causing that particular disease reaches you, the already created antibodies will fight with those new germs of same kind. This way the vaccine helps the human being to protect from the disease to which vaccine was developed. There might be some side effects which appear to be adverse. But, the protection it gives to the body against the disease is very valuable. So, it is mandatory to take vaccine.

Vaccination is actually not an artificial way of taking medicine. It will develop a natural method of fighting mechanism in the human body and strengthens our immune system. The immune system is evoked to fight against pathogens causing the disease to which vaccine is developed. Mandatory vaccination has eradicated most of the dreadful diseases by now. The diseased population has reduced tremendously after vaccination was given. People are expected to study and understand the medical reports as well as information from WHO in favor of vaccination. If vaccination is made mandatory, then all people in the state can live comfortably. The government has every right to impose compulsory vaccination in the country.

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