Why should vending machines be banned from schools?

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Why should vending machines be banned from schools?

Children spend lot of time these days in schools. Soft drinks, chocolates, and crisps should be avoided on the vending machines available in the schools. The moving away of vending machines from the schools was planned as 2million pounds programme. This programme will attempt to handle the increase of obesity in children. These vendors available in most of the secondary schools should refill their machines with milk, water, fruit and various other healthy foods. This was one of the projects among the eight which were planned in the launching of food in the schools by the Department of Health. A programme was held by the department of health to allow the tuck shops to sell the foods that are healthier. Giving suggestions and advices to the parents regarding the way to prepare the lunch boxes to the children was also part of this programme. This type of programmes can bring up the good health in the school children. To make this type of activities successful in the schools and make the future of the children healthy and cheerful, the vending machines bearing unhealthy foods should be banned from schools.

The programme of providing healthy foods on the vending machines to school children was started in nearly 500 schools all over the England. This might be introduced in all the schools after sometime. According to the statistics, one child in seven 15-year old children and one child in twelve 6-year old children are experiencing overweight. Due to the overweight, their health will gradually diminish. By the year 2010, as per the statistics, about 1/4th of the adults were obese clinically due to their improper and unhealthy diets during their younger days. The department of health is keen in promoting this programme to make people understand the importance of avoiding unhealthy diets in the schools. This step taken by the health department will provide an opportunity for the teachers and educational authorities to take care of the children by implementing similar schemes further. It was observed that two children out of 5 desired for healthy foods.

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