Why should violent video games be banned?

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Why should violent video games be banned?

Most of the people prefer to spend their time and enjoy playing with Video games these days. In the past few years the effect of violent video games on the children as well as adults was tremendous. Some people feel that video games are just for entertainment and to develop the skills of our brain. But, the person has to be alone to play with video game which is not recommended always. It is necessary for us to mingle with people socially sometimes for entertainment too. It is reported as well as believed that several of the dreadful murders that happened in the last few years were due to the inspiration from the violent video games. People are watching and playing the video games irrespective of their game strategy. The user is not thinking much about the game plan and execution. But, the user is just interested to win the game even by killing the other in the fight. Ã’šÃ‚ Hence, the governments ordered for ban of the violent video games.

The video game of this kind mostly discussed and used by the people is ‘Grand Theft Auto’ called as GTA. This game is known to have violent actions and make the user to handle those situations and learn them. But, some people have an opinion that building of video games with such violent content is really difficult and needs a lot effort and talent. So, they feel that it is required for the people to play those games instead of avoiding them. Some people say that ban can be lifted on such video games and implement only the restriction for the children under a certain age to use them. But, restrictions will not be followed and the products will be bought even by the individuals below 18 too.

The unnecessary blood and gore in the video games are watched by the children. Apart from this, the children are learning unsafe wrestling actions and moves which are harmful to the people surrounding them. Children will take the aid of illegal weapons from the people who sell them only for money sake and are not bothered about the public safety. So, it is safe to ban violent video games.

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