Why should Vuvuzelas be banned?

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Why should Vuvuzelas be banned?

There has been quite a bit of talk on Vuvuzelas among the people at 2010 FIFA world cup. These Vuvuzelas were severely painful for non-African viewers, fans, players and commentators. FIFA could not do anything in this regard. But, when we think on the safety and health grounds, the players also are not able to tolerate the noise nuisance. The FIFA 2010 world cup was found by many of the fans as the most boring one as there were not many goals achieved by the players compared to other world cups held earlier. There is a doubt in the air whether Vuvuzelas are really responsible for disturbing the players and the world cup atmosphere here. It was the opinion of many of the people that Vuvuzelas must be banned. Ã’šÃ‚ There are certain suggestions in the public regarding the reasons behind the necessity of the Vuvuzelas to be banned.

Vuvuzelas can be mistakenly used as weapons in the world cup tournament which could be dangerous for the people. When the audience and fans like to give full support to the players, using the instruments like Vuvuzelas will dilute the actual support provided to the players. The usage of Vuvuzelas is not natural and hence will not provide creativity and coordination. The use of them is also distracting the flow of commentary by the commentators. Blowing Vuvuzelas can result in chronic hearing disability in the people sitting over there as well as the players and commentators. The players will be disturbed very much with the sounds of it. The use of these plastic things will make the environment in the stadium as fake and artificial. The real cheerful atmosphere can be created by the natural yells and expression of happiness by the people to the players as well as among themselves. The real festive mood is destroyed by these Vuvuzelas.

Vuvuzelas make the announcements in the stadium not to be heard by everyone properly. For all the above reasons Vuvuzelas should be banned.

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