Why should Zoos be kept Open?

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Why should zoos be kept open?

Should zoos be kept open or not? This issue really depends on the perspective of a person. Some may like it while others won’t. In order not to get biased, I will share both sides and let you decide for yourself.

Here are some yes’s.

Zoos help in the conservation of these animals especially those who are endangered. Through captive breeding, many endangered species were saved from total extinction like the golden lion tamarin, the red wolf, Siberian tiger, black-footed ferret and the Przewalski’s horse.

Zoos are educational. Zoos are considered as vital for animal and wildlife education. It teaches both children and adults about how these animals live and the threats to their species which hopefully will encourage others to respect and protect these animals.

The money that we pay when we visit the zoo is not only used to take care of the zoo animals but also to help fund various breeding programmes and wildlife protection centers.

Not all zoo animals live a bad life. Some large and good zoos treat their animals with love and care and provide them with immediate medical attention if necessary.

Here are some no’s.

Zoo animals should be kept in their own habitat and not in cages. A series of studies have shown that animals in captivity develop a more aggressive behaviour compared to those in the wild. They also develop a series of stress related disorders and other sickness resulting in an early death. Others also say that wild animals should be given the chance to live in the wild and experience breeding, hunting, live in packs and to run wild and play.

Many zoos do not have enough facilities and are not large enough to accommodate these wild animals.

In conclusion, many of us remember our most memorable childhood fieldtrips spent in watching various animals in zoos. We enjoy the scenery and the elephants, giraffes, tigers and crocodiles and we learn about them and their natural habitat. But as good as our intentions may be, we must remember that when God created these animals, they were not held captive. They were free to roam in the wild following the rule of survival of the fittest.

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