Why should Zoos stay open?

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Why should Zoos stay open?

A zoo is an established purposely built to house and feed animals, which may be viewed by the public. Before zoos were constructed, a menagerie was used for keeping common and exotic animals which are held in captivity. It was not until 1828 that the establishment of zoo was first done in London but it was not yet called a zoo yet. Instead, it was first called as a menagerie or zoological garden. It was only in 1867 that the term zoo was then widely used to refer to such establishment. There are many types of zoos that emerged after it was founded to be an educational tool for learning. There are open-range, public aquaria, roadside and petting zoos where various activities can be done with the animals. Later, as the world evolved in the modern era, zoos were transformed into parks where children can play in the presence of animals, which they can feed, play or pet.

The existence of zoos helped made learning somehow easy. Aside from the fact that zoos bring amazement because of the different kinds of animals that can be seen, zoos truly bring fascination, especially to the kids. Adding to that, zoos are one of the best ways to bring children and even older people to appreciate the beauty of nature. Animals are part of nature that no human hands can literally create. And in zoos, the kinds of animals housed are those of the exotic, eccentric and wild ones that are uncommon to man’s sight.

Zoos have indeed been effective in making people appreciate the importance of taking of nature and the rest of God’s creation. These are the reasons why zoos should stay open. Their existence have helped people learn and appreciate the wonderful possessions of nature.

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