Why Texting While Driving Bad?

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Why Texting While Driving Bad?

Modern Technology and the need get in touch have created an increase growth in the use of cellular phones. One of the most important applications in cellular phones is texting. People around the world find texting practical because it is cheap. In the years that passed, texting had become a part of the lives of the people around the world.

Texting may be useful but improper use of it can also be bad. People now text everywhere – in schools, offices, malls, or even in private and sacred places like the churches or courtrooms. Aside from that people can even text while doing something like watching TV, studying, walking in the street, or worse driving.

Total concentrations are required when it comes to driving and using cellular phones for texting can definitely cause destruction of this concentration. You cannot keep both hands on the wheel so accidents can happen. It can also affect your presence of mind which can make you prone to collisions. It may put you at greater risk because you fail to see important road signs and signals. You can change lanes abruptly because you lack concentration. Sometimes a stressful text can provoke anger which might affect your driving behavior.

Texting while driving is a horrible idea because you need to look at the phone as you type and read incoming text messages. Drivers maybe inattentive while driving at the same time texting. The vehicle might ran over holes or wrong rails which might lead to car accidents. Sometimes, drivers who keep on texting do not see anymore the people or animals crossing the street so there is a tendency to hit somebody crossing the road.

Texting while driving is bad because it can bring fatal damage towards life. It may ruin the lives of others or worse might cause your life to end.

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