Why use a Humidifier?

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Why use a Humidifier?

The human body needs a certain amount of moisture found in the air in order to function properly. When the moisture found in the air is too low, we experience dryness which causes dry skin and sore throat however, if the moisture is too high, different bacteria, mold and mildew are present which can impose serious effects to your health. Maintaining the proper balance of the moisture in the air is very important.

A humidifier is a kind of home appliance that is used if you want to improve the air inside your home and get relief from dry lips, throat, nose and skin. They help alleviate congestion from various sickness like common colds, flu and sinus infections by adding moisture into the air which moistens your skin including nasal passages. It also reduces some of the mucous in your sinus helping you to breathe freely.

The National Institute of Health strongly recommends the use of humidifiers. The added moisture in the air produced by a humidifier can help prevent sore throats caused by dryness, runny nose and other skin and respiratory problems.

So how does it work? Humidifiers pumps out mist or vapour into the atmosphere by heating water until it vaporize. Other models have a mister to spray stored water into the air.

There are various types of humidifiers. There is the ‘point-of-use’ which humidifies a single room and there is the ‘whole-house’ or ‘furnace humidifiers’ which provides humidity to the entire house. This is usually connected to the home’s HVAC system. Some high-end model humidifiers come with air filters which collect germs, smoke, dust and other airborne debris. It decreases the amount of allergens and pollutants inside the house. This is good for those people who have airborne allergies.

Just like any other appliances, the humidifier also needs to be well-cleaned and properly maintained so that you can ensure that you are breathing safe air inside your home.

In conclusion, humidifiers can really be a great help if you know how to properly use it.

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