Why Use Technology in the Classroom?

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Why Use Technology in the Classroom?

With such a technologically-dependant world as our world has become, it is very important to start teaching our children about technology ‘š the use of technology is constantly benefiting us throughout our lives, and like languages, technology is easiest to learn while still young.

Using technology in the classroom is quite important for kids, as it is not so much the individual pieces of technology that they learn, but the ability to learn about and to use technology. It teaches skills to understand fundamental properties of technology. Kids can learn not only how to use technology, but also what to expect with technology, and how it evolves to become better over time.

Not only that, but technology itself offers many opportunities for learning. By accessing the Internet, for example, they have access to a huge database of information that they can use. Almost any sort of information that could possibly be learned by kids in school can be found on the Internet ‘š in fact, the Internet is even a great resource for review and studying outside of the classroom, and this can be integrated into homework to make it more enjoyable for the students.

However, technology shouldn’t be used in place of learning. Using movies, for example, that kids do not listen to, will not only fail to teach them the proper lessons, but also will not provide them with adequate technology learning experiences. Unfortunately this is a terrible waste of resources, and often wastes time as well.

But technology that is properly used can actually put the kids and teachers on the same level ‘š oftentimes students see their teachers as older and thus not relatable to them. But when the teacher uses iTunes on a projector screen, for example, the kids can relate to and then feel much more into the lesson, whatever it might be.

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