Why Was America Founded?

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Why Was America Founded?

America or United States of America is known as a superpower nation all over the world. But any great nation has instrumental beginnings. Its’ history tells a great and bold story of a nation founded for liberty, life, and happiness.

America was once part of the colonies under Great Britain. Its’ laws, government and people were in subordinate with the power of the British Empire. Who would have imagined that America was just under Great Britain then? But why was America founded?

The King had the supreme power for the British Empire which includes colonies like America. In 1775, the colonies under him have expressed grievances through written petitions. Later that year, August 1775, the King passed a proclamation that expressed that those parts of these colonies have engaged and declared an open rebellion against the British Empire. With this declaration, a law was passed which strips the vessels and cargo in trade in association with Great Britain and all the benefits and rights afforded to them. The group of colonies also then learned that the British Empire made negotiations with Germany to launch an attack against them. With all these happening, the colonies felt that they are no longer treated fairly by their mother country and that something must be done to claim independence.

Sessions were made with the group of colonies called the congress to create a written document to formally separate this group of unified colonies from Great Britain. Middle of that year, the famous Declaration of Independence which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and defined by other members of the committee which includes John Adams and Benjamin Franklin was passed to the Congress for approval. The Declaration of Independence was signed, enacted and composed of five parts; the introduction; the preamble; the body which is divided into two sections and the conclusion. The body most especially stated the grievances and abuses that these colonies have experienced under King of Great Britain that time, which moves them to claim independence and freedom as a nation and free from its allegiance to the British Crown. Thus, July 4, 1776 marks the start of America’s Independence Day and a great superpower nation was founded.

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