Why Was Anne Boleyn Executed?

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Why Was Anne Boleyn Executed?

Anne Boleyn was the queen escort and second wife of King Henry VIII. They had a daughter who was England’s Queen Elizabeth I. Her marriage to Henry sparked both political and religious mayhem and this cost her more pages in the history books, much more than what she bargained for.

When Anne was appointed to the post as Catherine’s maid of honour, she must have done a very good job for she never failed to entertain people. She made herself known in the society by dancing ornately during a ball one night in 1522. She was with her sister who is the King’s mistress and many other important women at that time. Shortly after, King Henry VIII started to pursue her. He was amused and captivated by her that he planned to divorce his wife. He then knew the he wanted Anne to be his wife.

Though Anne eventually became queen, this did not stop controversies from budding. As the days became months, and months into years, the list of misfortune flooded Anne’s marriage. Her miscarriages disappointed Henry, who wanted a son to be his successor, and made him believe that their relationship is a nothing but a curse. Not long had there been hearsays that the King will divorce her. As events prospered, several individuals have been invited into the court to face charges of adultery to the queen. Later, those accusations were proven true.

Queen Anne Boleyn was arrested and put to solitude in the Tower of London on the 2nd day of May 1536. On the 15th, a trial commenced. She was accused of treason, incest and adultery. Although she stood up to defend herself, she knew that the verdict was already decided upon. The jury sentenced her to death by either beheading or burning. This was what the King wanted.

Together with Anne were his brother George Boleyn and a few others. Queen Anne was sentenced to be burned, but because she was afraid to die by such, she eventually admitted that her marriage was not officially authorized. Through this confession, she was able to acquire a more temperate way of dying, by beheading. She was the first queen of England to be executed publicly.

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