Why was Arian Foster benched?

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Why was Arian Foster benched?

Fantasy football players were anxious when they didn’t saw NFL’s leading rusher Arian Foster in the field during the first few minutes of the game in Oakland. Foster was standing in the sidelines in full pads and helmet – he was benched by their Coach Gary Kubiak.

Good thing for the fans, Arian Foster’s benching only lasted not less than one half. By the time Kubiak put Foster in the game, it was already midway through the second quarter with only 6:39 minutes remaining for the first half.

Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain stated that the reason why Foster was benched early during the Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders, is due to a violation of team rules. It was reported that he missed one meeting during the week and was late to another and as punishment, Kubiak did not allow him to start.

Coach Gary Kubiak really demands professionalism from his players. He has reprimanded Foster’s professionalism at times last year as well. We all have responsibilities, and he neglected some of his” stated Kubiak in his interview with Houston Chronicle. When that happens you have to pay a price. I’m disappointed in him, but i’m also very proud of him for the way he played today”.

And as for Foster, he has learned his lesson. He vowed that it would never happen again. I learned my lesson, man, and I promised my teammates that it won’t happen again,” stated Foster. I feel like I let my team down. I wasn’t able to compete in the first quarter, but it’s all in the past now, and we’re all about moving on.”

But what’s funny is that even while getting benched during the first half, Foster still managed to end the game with a total of 187 yards from scrimmage, ran for one touchdown and caught a 10-yard scoring pass and a get a total of 131 yards on 16 carries. His strong performance really proved his skills. Imagine how many scores he would make if he wasn’t benched in the first half.

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