Why Was Basketball Invented?

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Why Was Basketball Invented?

Dr. James Naismith never planned to invent this sport called basketball by our world today. His noble and thoughtful desire and his love and concern for children brought forth another reality which later on will be loved not only by the Americans but by the entire world. His game was formerly called duck on a rock he place a rock at one corner where the kid players has to outsmart each other in being the first one to duck an improvised ball made out of paper in the said rock.

During winter, Dr James Naismith saw how sad the children were since they have nothing else to do but their usual boring and mechanical types of games. His bright idea attracted a lot of kids that winter after winter, his duck on the rock game was always played in any parts of the US. People started to took notice regarding the effects and the addiction it caused to so many young kids and even youth who played the game even after winter season. The innovations added to this game brought forth the invention of the basketball game. The sheer desire of making the kids happy was the stepping stone that turned Dr. Naismith into an instant celebrity. It was indeed one momentous event for the world to have such a sport which was finally adopted all throughout the world.

Being the inventor of basketball and the father of this sport, we must therefore honor Dr. James Smith for his good deeds and brilliant ideas that made our lives more interesting and entertaining because of this sport called basketball. Who does not know what basketball is? Then that person must be either a mentally ill person or perhaps a person in his mother’s womb. In short basketball is such a famous sports indeed that the entire world simply loves!

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