Why was Benjamin Franklin important?

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Why was Benjamin Franklin important?

Boston, Massachusetts on Jan. 17th, 1706 is the birth place of Benjamin Franklin. He was born as one among the twenty children to his parents. Josiah Franklin was father of Benjamin and he was a candle maker and a spiritualistic Anglican. For some period Benjamin worked in his brother’s printing business.

Benjamin after having stopped writing in his brother’s firm started to write letters to a paper as a woman called as ‘Silence Dogood,. Benjamin could establish a printing business of his own. It was named as Pennsylvania Gazette by 1730. Benjamin used to materialize his thoughts and publish essays and articles in this magazine. An almanac was released by him every year called as ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack, from 1732 till 1757. As a member in the almanac, Benjamin kept his name as Richard Saunders. He wrote an essay called ‘The Way to Wealth,, when he was part of the almanac.

Benjamin was an excellent scientist as well. The Franklin Stove, bifocals, the lightning Rod and a Flexible Catheter are some of his inventions. Franklin evidentially proved that electricity and lightning were same. He was responsible to conceptualize certain aspects in Meteorology and Refrigeration. He went to France as an American Ambassador to seek help from them against British in 1776. Benjamin represented America during the ‘Paris Treaty, negotiations, which was responsible for the end of ‘Revolutionary War, in 1783.

Benjamin Franklin was important, as his actions were helpful in getting independence to his country. His popular contributions in science and literature made him famous all over the world. He received honor and degrees from St. Andrews and Oxford at England. He was a great politician and elderly statesman. He won the Assembly elections at Pennsylvania in 1751. His Plan of Union at the Albany congress gave an excellent idea of unifying several colonies as one government. This proposal was submitted in view of organizing and protecting the individual colonies. He pressurized the Great Britain to free the Pennsylvanians to have self-rule. He warned the Great Britain to relax all their strict rules on the colonies which otherwise may trigger the colonies to rebel against the British. He was responsible to reorganize the postal system in-between the towns. He was called for attending the continental congress held for the second time from 1775 to 1776. In this meeting the Declaration of Independence was supported and approved by him.

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