Why was Bridge to Terabithia banned?

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Why was Bridge to Terabithia banned?

Bridge to Terabithia is a famous book in the children’s literature that was published in 1977. The author of this novel is Katherine Paterson. Harper Collins published this novel in 1977 and it was awarded with Newbery medal in 1978. This novel was known to be a manifestation of a real story which has inspired Paterson. The real story happened in 1974 and it was regarding the friend of Katherine’s son. The friend of her son was killed due to lightning.

Bridge to Terabithia novel is about the friendship between two children Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke. Leslie was portrayed as a talented, smart tomboy and Jess was shown as fearful, depressed and angry child. After they both became friends Jess was transformed by Leslie. Jess was shown to have become more courageous at the end and always tried to control his frustration.

This novel was considered for censor many times. Among the group of popular books for this decade 1990-2000, this book was placed in eighth position in list of 100 books organized by American Library Association. The Syllabus set for the English language in the countries like, Australia, Ireland, Canada, US, UK, and New Zealand had this book as its part.

People on average have nice opinion about this book. It was banned probably because there was no parental care that is mentioned regarding the main child character shown here. The students having discussions with their teachers outside the school premises were also not acceptable by many. Some feel that the language used here is under objection which is not accepted by many. Some alleged that this book offers a means of approaching the witch craft, not showing respect to the elders and violence which is not good for children to learn. The language, religious and social concerns were thought out as few reasons for the book to be banned.

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