Why Was Catcher In The Rye Banned?

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Why Was Catcher In The Rye Banned?

1966-1975. these were the most trying moments which the author of this very controversial novel faced in view of his intriguing novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye,. A lot of worldwide clamors were raised in order to ban this very controversial novel due to its obscene language, sensual implications and even lustful theme. This novel was so controversial that even particular governments had to pass certain rules and laws disallowing the reading of this popular English novel.

In fact there were instances when certain teachers were dismissed from their work just because asked their students to read the novel and make a reaction paper out of this controversial and intriguing novel. A lot had been already said and discussions from various part of the globe were made just to debate on whether this novel has to be read or banned for the rest of everyone’s lives until it is finally forgotten.

In those years authors and other writers had to resort into these unusual tones and themes and way of writing to catch the attention of their respective government who in one way or another might not sensitive to the needs of certain people in society. This novel in all respect was able to reach and realized that goal simply because it did not only created chaos among government official on whether such novel be allowed or banned but it created an avenue for everyone to be curious in view of the content of such controversial novel. There is nothing wrong to have these types of novels to be banned if what is being protected is the welfare of the youth but, the government should also see to it that these authors will be given a chance to publish such genre with restrictions such as for adults reading only. This would be fair and a better solution indeed.

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