Why was Common Sense Important?

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Why was common sense important?

Common sense is a famous political pamphlet written by Thomas Paine during the 18th century. It was published on January 10, 1776 in Philadelphia and was signed written by an Englishman” to keep the author anonymous. This book served as an eye opener for the American people and the key ingredient which led the people to fight for their independence thus starting the Revolutionary War.

This book contains Paine’s two main points which is their independence from England and the creation of a democratic republic. His ideals and arguments were so straightforward and easy to understand that in just a matter of months, nearly 120,000 copies of this book were already circulating the country. Due to this fast spread, this book is considered for having the largest sale and circulation than any other book in American History.

What made this book appealing for the common people is the way Paine wrote his arguments. He used plain language that even the most simple person can comprehend. He also designed this pamphlet like a church sermon which relied on Biblical references thus making it more credible to the common people.

This book really challenged the British government and its royal monarchy’s authority. In this book Paine questions whether America should remain as a British colony and suggests that the American people should strive to create a democratic republic. The first part of his book talks about the proper set up of a government and why being under a monarchical type of government is bad. The second part of his book talks about the natural human rights and encourages the American people to stand up against the British government. As a result, the Americans gained their independence in the first successful anti-colonial exploit in modern history.

His arguments were intense and clear. It focused on these two main points and is backed up by concrete explanations and Biblical references. Also because of this, his book has found its significance in the American Declaration of Independence. This book did not only affect the colonized people of America but it also became an inspiration to other colonized countries to take action and fight for their independence. I think the hardest part for Paine was not to convince the people but to have them rise up and fight.

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