Why was Connecticut founded?

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Why was Connecticut founded?

The Connecticut was an English colony situated in British America and later became the Connecticut state of United States. Initially the English colony was called as River Colony and later in March 3rd, 1636 was transformed as haven colony for Puritans. Connecticut resulted due to the struggle between Dutch and British and the English had control over the colony permanently by the end of 1630. The Connecticut colony was accountable for a dreadful war between English and Indians. This was called as Pequot war. This colony was important for the beginning of self rule in the new territory after the rejection of surrendering of local rulers to the territory of New England. Other two colonies from the State of the Connecticut were joined the colony of Connecticut. They were Say brook colony which was joined in 1644 and New Haven in 1662.

In 1631, English made John Winthrop as the River Colony’s governor. When he entered Boston, he heard that Dutch were occupying a place at the Connecticut River. To encounter the Dutch he used few people to create artillery and build a fort. Dutch withdrew from that point after they knew that English people were at Point Sayebrooke. The settlers of England from various colonies moved to the Connecticut valley from 1630. William Holmes, John Oldham and Thomas Hooker and their followers started to fled from their places to the banks of Connecticut River from 1630 till 1636. The three of the Connecticut River towns known as Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield formed a single government in 1637 to face the Pequot war. The settled people who lived in the above towns desired to possess rules of their own and form an ecclesiastical society.

In 1638, the towns have formed their own principles, powers and structure of the government. These rules were accomplished by the Connecticut council in 1639 on 14th of January. The implementation of novel rules was recorded officially by Thomas Welles. Connecticut got royal charter in the year 1662 and it became thus an official crown colony.

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