Why was Dave Eiland fired?

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Why was Dave Eiland fired?

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman fired pitching coach Dave Eiland October 25 last year, a disappointing end to the New York’s season. But it seems the Yankees were itching to fire someone before the season even ended, adding up another casualty in a decades-long line of such dismissals.

A lot of speculations grew from this event. Some believe it was because of the poor pitching this season, others blame it on his long vacation while some reports said it was due to an argument with Joe Girardi.

Poor pitching might be the first suspect because in the recent American League Championship season, Yankee’s pitchers including A.J Burnett, whom the Yankee’s are paying $16.5 million a season, had pitched poorly against the Rangers in six games resulting in their elimination. Dave Eiland has become the scapegoat.

Others however connect it to Eiland’s recent 25-day leave of absence granted in the month of June last year. The Yankees never said why Eiland took the time off; they only said that it was to take care of personal matters. The matter was so serious that the Yankees told him he could return to his job as long as he stops any of his activities which led to his long day of absence. He was fired because he did not follow the agreement. Nobody said anything about these so-called activities and I don’t want to speculate any further.

The last issue would be because of a disagreement between Joe Girardi, current manager of the Yankees and Dave Eiland. But Eiland called that absolutely ridiculous and simply not true”, so we might as well dismiss this subject.

Out of all these theories, Cashman has only one thing to say. He said that Eiland’s dismissal has nothing to do with how they played this season but rather it was because of a more ‘personal’ matter. However, he would not disclose any details about this ‘private’ matter so up until now, fans are still curious as to why Dave Eiland was fired.

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